Columnist Agreement

By writing on, all columnists agree to the following:

  • do not violate copyright agreements: cannot use, under any circumstances, copyrighted material of others improperly
  • bloginfosec retains full copyright for material posted
  • content writers may use their material for other purposes under the condition that they reference in the body of the secondary work
  • any content posted on may be syndicated at the discretion of
  • must link properly to cite sources as required by various laws
  • maintain professionalism online
  • no exposés: no trashing of company, other people
  • properly respond to comments and other bloggers
  • respect Chinese wall between columnists and advertisers
  • do not accept vendor contributions in exchange for articles, etc.
  • meet writing requirements (number of posts, length of posts, time as columnist) as agreed upon between and the columnist
  • at the current time columnists are not reimbursed financially
  • products and services of respective companies cannot be promoted; position at company may be mentioned in biography

Columnists are allowed and encouraged to accept opportunities that arise through as long as they do not cause conflict-of-interest scenarios and respect the chinese wall between columnists and advertisers.