• C. Warren Axelrod writes the column Sense of Security

    C. Warren Axelrod is the Chief Privacy Officer and Business Information Security Officer for a financial services company, where he interfaces with the firm’s business units to identify and assess privacy and security risks and mitigate them, to have employees become familiar with security…Read more

  • Kenneth F. Belva writes the column Perspectives of a Security Maverick

    Kenneth F. Belva is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of He recently developed IoT Crusher to as a solution to scan and detect Read more

  • Frank Cassano writes the column The Risk Rack

    Frank Cassano is an information risk management consultant with over 20 years experience in the field. His experience includes both internal corporate experience as he has held a number of senior Information Technology management positions within organizations, as well as external experience as he…Read more

  • Sam Dekay writes the column Compliance Matters

    At The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, Dr. DeKay is responsible for the development of policies and standards related to information security. Prior to BNYM, he served as manager of information security for Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield; before this he worked at ABN Bank, also as manager of…Read more

  • Todd Fitzgerald writes the column CISO Leadership Skills

    Todd Fitzgerald, CISSP, CISA, CISM serves as a Medicare Systems Security Officer for National Government Services, LLC (NGS), Milwaukee, WI which is the nation’s largest processor of Medicare claims, and subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE:WLP) the nation’s largest health insurer.

    Todd…Read more

  • Patrick Foley writes the column Draining the Swamp

    After career path that wound through journalism, secondary school administration and coaching, Pat Foley, while managing several customer service groups in Harvard University’s financial administration, began an increasing involvement in solving business challenges by linking extended technology…Read more

  • Russell Handorf writes the column Fear Not: Hacks, Attacks and Cracks

    Mr. Handorf serves on the Board of Directors for the FBI’s Philadelphia InfraGard Chapter, which has more than 800 members locally.

    He has consulted for the US Federal and State Governments, companies and educational institutions where he performed security audits and assessments of their…Read more

  • Micki Krause writes the column CISO Leadership Skills

    Micki Krause has held positions in the Information Security profession for the past 20 years. She is currently the Chief Information Security Officer at Pacific Life Insurance Company in Newport Beach, California, where she is accountable for directing the Information Protection and Security…Read more

  • Jeff Lowder writes the column Agile Security: Balancing Security with the Need for Agility

    Jeff Lowder is an information security executive with a passion for innovation in information risk management, with an exceptionally strong background in IT governance, inductive logic, and decision theory as it relates to risk analysis and risk management. He has over 14 years of management…Read more

  • Allan Pomerantz writes the column The Weakest Link

    Allan Pomerantz is the Chief Information Security Officer for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, the Nation’s oldest.

    Allan is responsible for the creation and distribution of Information Security Policies approved by executive management. In addition, he conducts employee awareness and…Read more

  • Ronald Redling writes the column Fear and Loathing

    Ronald Redling is an Information Security Executive working in Manhattan, New York, with significant experience in the development and implementation of Information Security Programs for major telecommunication and financial service corporations. Presently, he is responsible for Enterprise…Read more

  • Derek Schatz writes the column Keys to Security

    Derek Schatz, CISSP, is currently the lead security architect for network systems at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, where he designs secure networks for airplanes. He has been in information security for over 11 years in both enterprise and consulting roles, including a stint as a manager in the Big…Read more

  • William Sieglein writes the column The Lighter Side

    Bill Sieglein is a 30+ year veteran of the information security industry having served in the US Intelligence Community for 17 years and the remainder as a consultant to many large organizations. He was the first CSO at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB – the organization…Read more