Fear and Loathing written by Ronald Redling

Ronald Redling is an Information Security Executive working in Manhattan, New York, with significant experience in the development and implementation of Information Security Programs for major telecommunication and financial service corporations. Presently, he is responsible for Enterprise Information Security, Physical Security and Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning operations.

Ronald has a MS degree from NJIT, and has the CGEIT, CISSP, CISA, and CFE designations. In addition, he is a former Director and Program Chair of the New York Metropolitan Chapter of ISSA.

Privacy NO More

– The biggest scare at this years IANS event was not news about botnet attacks from Belarus or data leaks, but the increased scrutiny by Human Resource Departments of prospective candidates to include social media. So, do not be surprised when you are asked during an interview to provide information…

Cyber War

– Richard A. Clarke former chair of the Counter-terrorism Security Group under President George H.W. Bush co-authored a book with Robert K. Knake titled Cyber War.  The premise of this book is that the United States is at war to protect the critical infrastructure, and on another front this battle…