Ronald Redling

Privacy NO More

The biggest scare at this years IANS event was not news about botnet attacks from Belarus or data leaks, but the increased scrutiny by Human Resource Departments of prospective candidates to include social media. So, do not be surprised when you are asked during an interview to provide information about your blogs or websites, or to logon and provide Human Resources access to your Facebook account.

Any person having graduated from high school or college during the past 10 years has a high probability of being included some form of electronic media, knowingly or not. A simple indiscretion at a party or on Spring Break can result in being the primary reason to be excluded for consideration for that choice position. You never know who has a YouTube camera.

But the scrutiny does not stop there. It is not longer sufficient to have stellar references, clean credit history and be drug free. Where is the separation between what is considered a personal and professional life? Any person can have belong to an association, group, volunteer for a charity, etc. that may not be considered as appropriate.

Do these preclude a person from satisfactorily executing the roles and responsibilities as required?

Not so long ago, the analogy to be a Boy Scout meant you walked in a different light, but now even that could be a problem.

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