Cyber War

Richard A. Clarke former chair of the Counter-terrorism Security Group under President George H.W. Bush co-authored a book with Robert K. Knake titled Cyber War.  The premise of this book is that the United States is at war to protect the critical infrastructure, and on another front this battle is being fought at the byte level.

My view from this is that the very existence of the how the American citizen live is at stake because we are wired and dependent upon technology.

Typical scenario the cycle begins for most person begin in the morning with the alarm clock, the coffee makers fuzzy logic brewing that perfect cup, downloading the latest newspapers to the Kindle, checking our Blackberry email, driving to the train station, getting twenty from the ATM, catching the train to the office, taking the elevator, logging on at work, making Internet purchases or Internet banking, catching the train home, watching the Squawk Box for the latest financials, and starting all over the next day.

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