C. Warren Axelrod

A-Buzz About Google

It appears that the official Google position, as expressed by CEO Eric Schmidt, in a December 3, 2009 interview by Maria (NOT Mario, as The Huffington Post stated) Bartiromo on CNBC, is that if you didn’t want the data to be compromised, you “… maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.” Actually, if you think about it, The Huffington Post’s misstatement, at www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12//07/google-ceo-on-privacy-if_n_383105.html  is a perfect example of how one’s profile might be corrupted forever due to some inadvertent typographical error. Think of all the rumors about sex-change surgery and the like, which this change in first name might generate. When I searched on “Mario Bartiromo,” I got 5,950 hits, which included posts such as “Mario Bartiromo isn’t even the hottests [sic] woman at CNBC.” The Web is clearly rife with errors of omission and commission regarding personal information, as well as all other categories of information.

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