Protecting Cyberspace … Our Last Opportunity?

In my column, “The Silent War – Cyber Style,” posted on December 14, 2009, I had suggested that, since it was taking forever for the White House to come up with a Cyber Security Coordinator, that the White House expand CTO Aneesh Chopra’s responsibility to include cyber security.

So much for that suggestion. A week later, the White House announced that they had hired Howard Schmidt for the job. I happen to think that putting Howard into this role is a much better solution, particularly since he is not matrix reporting to White House economic adviser Larry Summers and the National Economic Council. I had noted in my June 15, 2009 column, “Here We Go Again … Demoted Security,” that I didn’t think that economists should be setting IT and infosec priorities, as they frequently don’t fully understand technology, its importance or its ramifications.

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