Academic programs designated by NSA, DHS give students better shot at advancement in high-stakes, high-dollar field of cyber security

“At UH, the quest for academic excellence in information security began in 2002. Since then, the curriculum has continued to evolve and improve thanks, in part, to input from the National Security Agency, as well as the FBI, Secret Service and the Houston Police Department’s computer forensics group,” Crowley said.

Nationwide, the training standards embedded in certification courses are a part of the Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation Program established by the Committee on National Security Systems.

UH’s technology project management information systems security graduate degree program serves both UH students and non-degree-seekers who want information-assurance training. Five to 10 students complete the program each year.

Michael Gibson, who heads the information and logistics technology department, said he expects the new designation to increase demand for the curriculum, and he emphasized that the need for behind-the-scenes and battle-ready information security experts should not be underestimated: “You can do more damage with a computer than you can with bullets. Think about all of the systems that run our traffic, our power grid, our energy-distribution channels.”

Crowley underscores this message, pointing to recent events such as Lockheed Martin’s loss of F-35 fighter project data, Virginia’s loss of personal health information, cyber attacks in Estonia and Georgia as well as the growing risk of identity theft.

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  1. Alisdair McKenzie Aug 18, 2009 at 8:23 pm | Permalink

    Several leaders in the field lack confidence in the efficacy of the CAE program. See Gene Spafford’s post and others comments at . Spaff explains why Purdue is now longer part of the CAE program. Excellence is by definition relatively rare, only in Lake Woebegon can all the children be above average!

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