An Open Letter to Warren Axelrod: Yes, InfoSec, You’re a Heck of a Job


I was delighted-although also somewhat surprised-to read your column of April 27, “Infosec, You’re Doing a Heck of a Job!”  The article depicted (I think accurately) the existence of a considerable chasm between claims espoused by the information security research industry (as exemplified by the RSA Conference) and the considerably less sanguine assessments of the capabilities of practitioners to prevent exploits and breaches (as reported in The Wall Street Journal and other media).  I was surprised, though, by your bleak assessment:  “…information security is in the worst state that it has ever been.” 

I would like to raise issues concerning your summary of the current state of information security, explore some of the likely reasons for the research chasm, and speculate on possible relationships between the two.

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