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ID Theft: The Movie

While recently browsing at Blockbuster, I came across the film, “ID Theft.” With a tag line that rips off Capital One — “Who lives in your wallet?” instead of “What’s in your wallet?” — I didn’t have the heart to rent it.

I attempted to find it on IMDB but to no avail! I even searched Blockbuster: no dice!

After searching long and hard, I found it on Here it is.

The plot summary:

When a Valet Parking Attendant thinks all his efforts to find a better job are in vain by chance he finds the perfect opportunity to get his life on track by stealing an ID card from a dying man. With a new identity as Diego, he finds his dream job, gets married and reaches the financial success he always wanted without knowing that the real Diego has survived.

Given my view that “true*” ID theft is much frequent than reported, I wasn’t willing to spend a few dollars to review this straight to DVD movie. Sorry.

*ID theft that does not contain the traditional credit card transaction fraud number around 255,000 cases according to the FTC‘s 2006 consensus. This number may have increased since 2006, but the number of ID thefts are unlikely to be near the millions of cases reported in the media.

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