Assessing your Organization’s Network Perimeter (pt. 3)

Welcome once again to the risk rack. This time on the risk rack we will be continuing our review of how to assess your organization’s network perimeter.

As a reminder the identified steps were:

In Part I we reviewed tips and tricks for step 1 “Define the functions and purposes of your network perimeter” and started a spreadsheet.

In Part II we looked at tips and tricks for Step 2: “Assess the technology used along the perimeter of your network.”

In Part III we will be looking at tips and tricks for step 3 “Assess the Processes used to support your network perimeter.”

Processes are an important element of any program and provide the overall framework and ongoing guidance to ensure the program operates as prescribed, and effectively. Formal processes to specifically support the network perimeter are often integrated with other processes and almost never centralized to ensure that there is a cohesive flow. Since the network perimeter is often the most vulnerable point of an organization’s operating environment it is important that the processes that support its operation and security are developed with a focus to ensure that they are comprehensive and performed effectively. When doing a review of processes it is important to speak to the key personnel that either own or support the network perimeter and ask them what they do to support the network perimeter. During the conversations you should ask them

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