OSSIM : Open Source Security Information Manager

Previously I had written about using honeypots within your infrastructure to add an extra layer of detection for malicious events. I mentioned that you can integrate it into the rest of your security event management and log aggregation via enabling syslog on the honeypot. Some of the feedback I received was that the people would be interested in running an install like this, however they do not have the infrastructure to support it. Well, not anymore; please let me introduce you to another great open source product, OSSIM.

OSSIM combines a suite of open source security products, some that you’ve heard of and some that you haven’t. From the site, here is a list of currently integrated programs:

  • Arpwatch, used for mac anomaly detection.
  • P0f, used for passive OS detection and OS change analysis.
  • Pads, used for service anomaly detection.
  • Nessus, used for vulnerability assessment and for cross correlation (IDS vs Security Scanner).
  • Snort, the IDS, also used for cross correlation with Nessus.
  • Spade, the statistical packet anomaly detection engine. Used to gain knowledge about attacks without signature.
  • Tcptrack, used for session data information which can grant useful information for attack correlation.
  • Ntop, which builds an impressive network information database from which we can get aberrant behavior anomaly detection.
  • Nagios. Being fed from the host asset database it monitors host and service availability information.
  • Osiris, a great HIDS.
  • OCS-NG, Cross-Platform inventory solution.
  • OSSEC, integrity, rootkit, registry detection and more.

You may have noticed that Nessus is included in this suite, and may be concerned with long term plugin feed support now that Tenable has changed

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