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Exclusive Video: Universal Studios Uses Biometrics for Fraud Reduction

Universal Biometric Finger Swipe Sign [1] While in Orlando, I had the pleasure of stopping by Universal Studios while attending the MISTI InfoSec World Conference. To my surprise biometrics were used at the entrance to both of Universal’s theme parks. (See picture thumbnail to the left.)

After some internet research (here [2] and here [3]), it turns out that in addition to Universal, both Disney and Sea World also use biometrics.

These articles clarified that these organizations connect season ticket holders to their biometrics data to reduce ticket fraud. Luckily individuals who are entering the theme park with a non-season ticket do not need to register their biometric data.

Below is some video I shot at the park entrance. It shows the biometric finger swipe used on a mass scale. (Double click on the picture below to begin the very short video.)

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Universal Biometric Swipe [4]