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USA Today: Vista’s Security Authentication Checks Frowned Upon

In yesterday’s USA Today [1], Edward C. Baig commented in his Personal Technology column regarding the Microsoft Vista SP1 release:

“And the things that may drive you nuts about Vista – painfully slow boot times, overly intrusive security pop-ups – persist.”

It’s precisely this type of perception – “overly intrusive security pop-ups” – that we need to help change at the journalist level and the end user level.

Security professionals need journalists to help communicate that these pop-ups – common in an OS like Ubuntu – help prevent Trojans and other malware from damaging the computer. They are benefits and not drawbacks which should be looked upon in a positive way.

The public perception of Windows pre-Vista was that it was security Swiss cheese. The healthy change in approach by Microsoft – which should be universally applauded and recognized – is frowned upon. This needs to change.

While it’s the old security verse usability, Vista pop-up boxes do not significantly reduce usability. I didn’t receive a single one while I wrote this post from my Vista box.