French Trader Jerome Kerviel Spoofed Emails to Legitimize Fake Transactions

Le Monde reports that, among other things, the French Trader spoofed emails to trick co-workers into believing his trades were legitimate. The english is a bit broken — for instance mall is email — but here is the translation from Babelfish:

Remain that the bank is questioned and asks for some details to him, that it is well in sorrow to provide. “I then provided false documents in proof of seizure on these operations, namely of false malls. I carried out a false mall by using the possibilities which are offered to me by our internal transport, namely a function which enables me to re-use the heading of a mall which is dispatched to me by changing the contents of the text which is sent to me. It was enough for me then to type the text which I wished and the mall had all the appearance of an original document. At the beginning of January 2008, I am pulled about between the satisfaction of this success and the hugeness of the amount to be announced knowing that these results were generated by false operations.”

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