Kenneth F. Belva

Again, Security as a Differentiator

SC Magazine’s January 2008 cover story this month illustrates security as a differentiator. In the past, I moved from a hard line to more neutral territory based on some marketing material from Visa.

Here are some memorable quotes from SC Magazine:

Businesses can use security to increase consumer confidence that will help drive sales, build brand equity, improve online shopping conversion rates, and increase the number of credit card transactions, according to a VeriSign white paper on the topic. Meanwhile, applying this approach in business-to-business environments can lead to preferred-partner relationships, which often include financial benefits, such as price discounts and favorable payment terms.

“Security is a relatively dense and arcane subject,” admits Edward Kountz, senior analyst in payments and financial services at Jupiter Research. “Approaching it from a marketing perspective helps to put a face on it and makes it more comprehensible.

And, this:

Bonsall said the company is open to providing general information on some of the key ingredients that make up its defense strategy, which includes vulnerability management, wireless monitoring and application security. Additionally, MassMutual deploys a security information management platform from Archer Technologies to manage its infrastructure.

“I think we have a good story to tell and I understand why companies want to talk to the security person,” Bonsall says. “So, if I can help the business, I’m more than happy to do so. I also firmly believe that information security is not just an IT issue, it’s a business issue.”

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