Kenneth F. Belva

America Complacent: Chertoff Terrorism Interview on BBC America

In a rare instance, I happened to catch the broadcast of the Chertoff interview that lead to this BBC story stating that Europe is the largest threat to the US.

What is not written in the article is Chertoff’s remark that Americans are becoming complacent in the fight against terrorism. Since the US has not had another attack since September 11th, people falsely perceive that the threat of a terrorist attack has decreased. Chertoff believes that the US must remain diligent to prevent terror attacks on America’s soil and this change in perspective is a mistake.

While this blog is mainly about dismissing FUD and other such non-sense that usually permeates the media in the quest for a story, in this case I agree with Chertoff’s reasoning. US citizens cannot afford to drop their guard because one falsely perceives that the threat has diminished. The key is accurately qualifying the threat and maintaining proper vigilance against those likely to do harm.

Given world events and what limited information I have available, I see no reason to believe the threat level has changed. It seems to me that Chertoff’s US complacency assertion is not FUD and should be taken seriously.

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