Kenneth F. Belva

Data Tracing: Proposal for a Privacy and Data Security Law

My recent Equifax issue (here, here) lead me to wonder about my personal data.

Consumers should be able to find out the following:

1. What a given company is doing with one’s personal information (processing / data mining)
2. Which third parties are privy and have access to their information
3. The role of the third parties and what they are doing with such information
4. Clear opt outs for any part of the above processes

In short a customer should be able to trace where there data is flowing (to whom and why) from any particular point. I call this data tracing. Such transparency and control will allow individuals to better manage the information and their privacy.

From an infrastructure standpoint, it’s clear we are nowhere near capable of this. It’s also clear that to make such a change will take significant investment to do so. I freely acknowledge that this is something that is easier said than done.

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