Privacy: Comedian Tom Green Reveals Internals of House through Published Camera Test

Through the course of one intentional action we can leak data unintentionally. Tom intentionally published on his website a video of him testing his wireless camera in his house (see below). He intentionally walks through his house to demonstrate the wireless capabilities.

Here’s where we get to the fine line of privacy and what is considered private. Many people consider the inside of their home to be a private space. In fact in the US we often question the extent to which the law can or cannot dictate the actions we do in our homes. So is intentionally publishing this video a leakage of data? My vote is ‘Yes’ because the intent of the video was to demonstrate the wireless capabilities, not an internal view of his house. I admit that both sides may be argued convincingly.

On a completely different note, for those of you who self-publish (such as blogging) I recommend taking a look at Tom’s website. He has a live video talk show streamed almost nightly. One can use Skype with a webcam to call in to the show and appear on live internet TV with both video and audio. My opinion is that streaming live video is that this next wave of media as soon as the barrier to entry drops (i.e., the price to have an in-house live streaming studio is too expensive for most people).

Back to the wireless video and Tom’s show: my feeling tells me that the wireless camera will be used broadcast live segments outside of the main studio. Below is the video. Here’s the link if the video disappears.

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