Interactive Presentation – The Value of Data: The Politics and Landscape of Information Security

Adam referenced Hoff’s online presentation notes and it reminded me of a project I was working on this summer, but never announced. I created an interactive presentation where the readers can leave comment and discuss particular bullet points.

The presentation is called The Value of Data: The Politics and Landscape of Information Security. The idea behind the collaborative presentation (similar to a wiki) is to give a structure / framework that tries to capture as many view points as possible. It would need to be a collaborative effort because it is highly unlikely that a single individual could research all of them.

Here is a description of the presentation and how it came about:

The aim of this project is to represent as many different information security perspectives as possible from the perspective of data and the uses of data.

Some perspectives will be internally consistent while others will lead to contradictions because the utility of data has differently purposes by different (or the same) entities.

This project was originally a presentation written for a major media outlet to train its journalists on the field of information security.

By its nature, it will be incomplete but the more individuals and professionals that contribute, the more well rounded it will become.

If you think this project may be intesting to others, please help and spread the word.

If you are interested in participating, please navigate here.

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