Kenneth F. Belva

Elite Drug Sniffing Dog Kidnapped and Rescued

On a more comical note, why might the kidnappers not have just killed this dog?

  • Didn’t know the dog’s credentials, but came to realize he must be very popular
  • Wanted to ransom it but didn’t know how the police kept finding them (embedded RFID tag)
  • Wanted to use the dog to find other’s drugs or drug hide outs or just drugs they lost at home
  • Wanted to liberate the dog from its “suppressive” government owners
  • They wanted the dog as their latest accessory

Seriously, though. Sometimes it’s very difficult to guess the true motives of others. Perhaps:

  • The criminals wanted to insert their own RFID tag in the dog to track its whereabouts
  • Wanted to test anti-dog sniffing techniques

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