TJX Massive Security Breach, Stock Rebounds But Still Lower

TJX stock dropped significantly after reporting a massive security breach on 1/17/2008. The price dropped between 1/17/2007 and 1/18/2007. It began to rebound also on 1/18/2007 but has not recovered it’s full price at the time of this writing on 1/19/2007. The stock dropped roughly from $30 to $29 rebounding to approximately $29.50.

I take it that the reason for only the partial rebound is captured by this quote from CSO’s report:

The company said it does not yet have enough information to determine the extent of the breach or what other customer information may have been compromised, nor can it quantify the financial impact of the breach.

You can find my stock breach paper locally here or cruise over to and find it under “does it really matter to you?” (Which ultimately links back to my site.)

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