Kenneth F. Belva

Fox News: Another reason end users are filled with FUD!

Here is a clip from Fox News titled ‘Computer Security.’ The report covers al Qaeda’s capability to harm our digital infrastructure. (You’ll most likely need to click on the ‘Computer Security’ link to start the clip.)

Naturally the media — and Fox News in this case — portray a balanced view of information security risk. This segment accurately reflects the layers of security put in place by organizations to protect against threats and minimize the risk to digital assets. It also takes into account the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley and corporate compliance on information security and corporate infrastructure. This is fair and balanced reporting at its best. 😉

It makes one wonder: Is the information security at Fox News as bad as the analyst portrays? Does Fox News have information systems that can be penetrated in the click of a button as reported in the clip? Unlikely. That’s why this report is FUD to me.

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