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The Lighter Side written by William Sieglein

William Sieglein

Bill Sieglein is a 30+ year veteran of the information security industry having served in the US Intelligence Community for 17 years and the remainder as a consultant to many large organizations. He was the first CSO at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB – the organization established by SOX to oversee the auditing industry) and has managed security programs for several other large firms. Bill is the Founder and CEO of the CSO Breakfast Club – an organization dedicated to helping security, audit and compliance executives manage risks more efficiently. He can be reached at bill@CSOBreakfastClub.com.

We Are Secure and Compliant – You Can Go Now! A Story of a Disturbing Trend

– In the past 2 months several members of my CSO Breakfast Club have been let go from their positions as senior level information security bosses.  One was let go from a top 20 law firm, another from an international Fortune 1000 company, and the other from a spinoff of a large, international…

Web X.0 – Should We be Scared?

– I sit and watch my 16 year-old son texting on his phone while messaging on the computer while watching television and apparently trying to do some homework. I’m a nervous wreck after about 15 minutes of watching it all happen at once. Finally I’ve had it. “Stop!” I tell him. “There’s…

Top 5 Things CISOs Should Do During This Bad Economy?

– Whenever my personal budget is down and I am concerned about tightening my belt I seem to always turn to fixing things in my home. While my wife would prefer that our household budget always be up rather than down, she seems happy when I suddenly begin completing half-done projects around the…