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Sense of Security written by C. Warren Axelrod

C. Warren Axelrod

C. Warren Axelrod is the Chief Privacy Officer and Business Information Security Officer for a financial services company, where he interfaces with the firm’s business units to identify and assess privacy and security risks and mitigate them, to have employees become familiar with security policies, standards, and procedures, and to ensure that they are followed.

Warren was honored with the prestigious Information Security Executive (ISE) Luminary Leadership Award 2007. He also received a Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders Award in 2003 and his department’s implementation of an intrusion detection system was given a Best in Class award.

He represented financial services information security interests at the Y2K command center in Washington, DC during the century date rollover. He is a founder of the FS/ISAC (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center) and served two terms on its Board of Managers. He testified at a Congressional Hearing in 2001 on cyber security.

Warren has published two books on computer management and numerous articles on a variety of information technology and information security topics, including computer and network security, contingency planning, and computer-related risks. His third book, “Outsourcing Information Security,” was published by Artech House in September 2004.

He holds a PhD in managerial economics from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University and honors bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering, economics and statistics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He is certified as a CISSP and CISM.

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