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Kenneth F. Belva

PCI: the data company

I received an email from my alumni association explaining that a company named “PCI: the data company” would call me and request my information for our updated alumni directory. I wondered why my alumni association would hire a Payment Card Industry (PCI) company to request my personal updated information. This company called me a day before I received the email.

It turns out that Googling “PCI: the data company” leads to Publishing Concepts. This company specialized in alumni directories. It makes sense that Publishing Concepts called me. They are also located in Dallas, Texas. This correlates to content in the phone conversation I had with the woman that called to collect my alumni information.

For the life of me I could not see where the “I” fits after Publishing Concepts. International? Incorporated? (No, they are an LP.) Information?

I’m sure their Google hits are great given their keywords.

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