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Kenneth F. Belva

Amazon.com Unbox is an example of Virtual Trust

Businessweek reports that Amazon.com Unbox “offers DVD-quality downloads, triple the video quality of the leading rivals, and a free downsized version for some Microsoft Windows-compatible portable devices. The videos also can be viewed starting in as little as five minutes, while the rest of the movie continues to download. And unlike with other services, they can be downloaded to multiple personal computers.”

Just like iTunes it uses DRM, but for movies. Part of the DRM means that “Amazon’s service, like others, allows a backup DVD of the digital files to be made, but that backup won’t play in regular DVD players thanks to digital rights restrictions.”

The VT created relationships between major movie studios and Amazon.com. “Amazon is offering thousands of movies from most of the major studios, such as Warner Bros. and Universal, although it doesn’t have anything from Disney.”

Here’s a link to Amazon.com Unbox FAQ.

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